About Us

Mission Statement

Offer more than asked, Deliver more than offered, Commit beyond expectation.


Being EFFICIENT shouldn't be complicated.

Alliance Renewable Technologies is founded by a simple thought process:  being efficient shouldn't be complicated.  Whether you are looking to improve processes, increase automated workflow, or simply need a way to make your budget dollars go further, we are here with you every step of the way.

Company Profile


Alliance Renewable Technologies, Inc. with headquarters in Mount Dora Florida is a full service software solutions company focused specifically on providing automation improvements to justice agencies. To accomplish this Alliance relies on DuProcess® Application Software. DuProcess®, one of the most flexible and versatile justice software application suites available has been built based on decades of experience, serving multiple jurisdictions across the nation. 

The DuProcess® system precisely delivers more than just a software application. DuProcess® is a fully integrated software toolset for the justice system.


The Duprocess® suite includes applications for Court Cashiering, Land Records, Business License, Marriage License, Passport processing, Child Support payment processing, Probate, Criminal, Civil and Traffic courts, Jury Management, Prosecutor, Public Defender, Probation and Supervision Case management.

The entire DuProcess® team is firmly committed to providing quality software solutions to court and government agencies. With a commitment to excellence, providing a broad range of products.

DuProcess® has been designed and built as a state of the art solution to quickly meet increasing demands placed on court and government agencies by ever changing legislation and limited budgets. The DuProcess® technical team maintains the highest level of commitment to product quality, functionality and ease of use. 

As a result of this commitment, DuProcess® is considered by many to lead the industry as a truly integrated case management system providing the ability to share critical information throughout all of the justice system functional management offices. The agencies included are the Clerk of Court, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Public Defender, Court Services, DFS, Drug Court, Probate, HRS, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Corrections (probation and parole), Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, and the Judiciary. Using common images and data across the network reduces and/or eliminates the need for every department to independently input data every day, permits all of the participating agencies to access common information, and substantially lower operating costs.