Professional services

Professional Services


If your agency has determined that it is time to replace a legacy software application with a newer technology or more robust system, Alliance Renewable Technologies, can help. Alliance Renewable Technologies, Inc. provides professional services that not only include off the shelf application sales, implementation and complete ongoing support, we also provide custom development from concept through deployment, and also services for individual tasks required throughout the life cycle of your system, even if you have another primary vendor.

The number of considerations and concerns in moving to a new system can be overwhelming. Whether it be a seemingly straight forward change out of an individual department or a fully integrated multiagency system, the numerous decisions that need to be made, the tasks to be performed and the details required can be daunting. 

Data Conversion / Migration Services

One of the most important aspects of implementing a new software application is getting the existing data successfully into the new system. If this is not accomplished with a very high degree of accuracy, the users of the system will not have confidence in the new system. No matter how robust or current the technology of the new system, without accurately migrated records, the system is unreliable. 

In order to successfully convert or migrate data from your legacy system to your new application requires understanding of the existing system and underlying data structure along with an understanding of the new system and data structure supporting it. Data must be mapped between the systems. Many times there is required data in the new system that is not part of the legacy system or it is stored differently. Many times the system is one that was built internally or custom built and it has evolved over decades. To add to the challenges there isn’t anyone with knowledge of the legacy system programming language or data structure. The legacy computer, operating system, programming language, etc. may be one that is foreign to the staff normally responsible for conversion of the data. 

In addition to current technology, Alliance Renewable Technologies, Inc. has over 25 years expertise in migrating data from a wide range of legacy systems encompassing numerous operating systems, database technologies and programming languages.

Database Expertise

Informix IDS, SE, Sybase, Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL, MS ACCESS

Custom Programming Services

If you have the need for specialty programming of in-house built software, data migration and conversion, turnkey software implementation don’t hesitate to call Alliance Renewable Technologies.