VIPR - Real Time Redaction

Redacting records on demand. Protecting the past and the future.


Document Redaction in public records is a must.  Managing what has and has not been redacted can be complicated.  We make it easy to protect your documents with our real-time redaction software.  Every document is run through our fast redaction process before the public can view them.  Whether the documents are older or new, protect yourself with VIPR.

VIPR checks to see if a document has been redacted previously before viewing.  If the document has not been redacted before, VIPR quickly scans the document* before presenting to the public.

VIPR can be used as an add-on or a stand-alone product.


V - Vital

I - Intelligent

P - Protective

R - Redaction

*Acceptable document scan quality and readability are required.