DuProcess Software Suite

Official/Land Records

Official/Land Records Software

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Make sure they always find it with DuProcess Land Records.

Jury Management

Jury Management Software

Whether creating a venire, generating a summons, or paying jurors, DuProcess makes it easy.


Elections Management Software

Whether you having a Local, State or Federal race, manage the polling locations, workers, certifications, and payments like a professional.

Case Management

Case Management Software

Civil, Criminal, Traffic, Probate, and more.  Don't let your old software make your court slow and costly.  Let DuProcess modernize your courts.

Marriage License

Marriage License Software

Getting the application and license should be the easiest part of getting married.  Let DuProcess keep it that way.

Business/Privilege License

Business/Privilege License Software

DuProcess makes issuing the correct license with the various types of businesses easy.

Fee Journal Manager

Fee Journal AFR Report

 Managing your Clerk's office fees and reporting your AFR has never been easier. 

Board Minutes Management

Board Minutes Search

 How long do you spend searching for contracts in those past meetings?  Or maybe you're just looking for a better way to manage all of the minutes? 

Virtual Record Room

Virtual Record Room Software


Do you have older records scanned but not indexed? Are they easily accessible in your record room, or are they only available on a disk or folder?

Alliance’s Virtual Record Room software can add further value to your scanned investment.