Jury Management

DuProcess Jury Management

Duprocess® Jury Management is the industry’s most effective tool for all areas of Jury Management. Whether it’s a small pool for a straight forward trial or a large pool for a challenging case, the balance between effective use of those available for jury service and budgetary constraints requires a jury management system that can capitalize on efficiency. That’s where Duprocess® Jury Management becomes your most trusted and efficient program. 


Some key features include:

  • Customizable Summons with MS Word
  • Text Notifications
  • IVR Phone Messaging
  • Public Facing Web-based Interaction
    • Complete juror service questionnaires
    • Kiosks for speedy checkins
    • Request excusal or deferral
    • Pre report online
  • Outlook Style Calendar View
  • Allows for multiple initial appearance dates for same venire
  • Powerful One-Touch Check-in and Juror updates
  • Flexible Juror Payment Options
  • Juror Compensation Donation to Specific Entities
  • Automatic Change of Address and Reporting
  • Quick Look Summoning Yield Results
  • Much more..

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